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The beach at Scolpaig
Scolpaig Bay

How to object to the Council's Planning Application for a Spacerocket Launch Facility at Scolpaig, North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland





There are a few simple rules and this is all you need to know (for even more info see


Firstly, it’s a numbers game !


We need as many people as possible each to send an individual letter of objection to the Council to make an impact.


Template letters don’t work. For example, if 1000 people all signed a “template letter”, the Council could count this as one letter of objection, so everyone needs to send an individual letter.


However, each and every person in your household can legitimately send an individual letter of objection to the Council. It's vital that letters from the same household don't state exactly the same objections or "chunks of identical text" because the Council calls this"mutual agreement within an objecting household" and will count them all as one objection. Please choose different material considerations from the list below.


It should only take about 10 minutes to write your letter of objection, however you must include these crucial words and sentences in your letter:


  1. It is very important to use the words “I object”.

  2. Address your letter to the Council “Comhairle nan Eilean Siar”, Balivanich, Benbecula, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

  3. Write your own address at the top of your letter in the usual manner.

  4. Write the date.

  5. The first thing to write at the start of your letter are the correct details for the Planning Application you are opposing, shown here in bold type;

  6. 19/00311/PPD Develop Phase 1 Spaceport Infrastructure to allow launching of rockets at Scolpaig, Balemartin, Isle of North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

  7. Write: I object to the proposed development on the grounds of the following material considerations concerning the impact on the natural environment.

  8. Next, list your material considerations. See below for examples of valid material considerations to include in your letter. Please note that for the Council to register your objection, you must include some material considerations and state that they will impact on the natural environment.

  9. Sign and print your name at the bottom of your letter.

  10. Please email your letter of objection to 

  11. Ask the Council to confirm receipt of your emailed letter of objection.


Here are examples of material considerations to weave into your individual letter (persons living at the same address please see note in red text above).


  • Unknown effect on wildlife including birds such as Golden Eagles, Sea Eagles and rare and threatened migrant species including the Corncrake.

  • Unknown effect on rare British Bumblebees such as the Great Yellow Bumblebee which is on the verge of extinction.

  • Unknown effect on marine animals including Otters, Dolphins and Whales.

  • Unknown effect on seabirds which nest and breed in large numbers on several nearby offshore islands.

  • Unknown effect on wild habitat including a rare and threatened area of North Uist Machair, which is a Special Area of Conservation (

  • Damage to an area of peatland which is a recognised precious “carbon sink”.

  • An inevitable degree of pollution to the water of the pristine Loch Scolpaig and its surrounding land area.

  • Permanent visual damage to pristine, irreplaceable wild scenic coastline which is currently accessible to and able to be enjoyed by walkers (both locally resident and visitors) every day of the year by the proposed infrastructure development.

  • Permanent loss by industrialisation of the irreplaceable, unrivalled and visually stunning vista as seen directly from the public road, the Hebridean way cycle route and numerous well used walking tracks, which is currently available to be enjoyed by everyone. This precious vista includes the official “National Scenic Area” of both Loch Scolpaig (with its listed ancient ruin on a small island within) and Beinn Scolpaig with views across the sea to several beautiful offshore islands.

  • Significant possibility of detrimental effect on nesting and breeding of migrant and resident birds at the nearby internationally famous RSPB bird reserve at RSPB Balranald, a mere 5km away from the proposed Spacerocket launch site development.

  • Requirement for a level of infrastructure support in terms of land use, traffic management, power and sanitation which we believe would negatively impact North Uist


Remember, if the Council approves their own Planning Application in the next few weeks there is no legal right of appeal against their decision and the bulldozers can start work September 2019.


If you value the natural world and oppose the continued industrialisation and replacement of our precious wilderness with concrete, please object now.


Once this stunningly beautiful and unique area has gone, its gone. And it’s gone forever !


Act now: Please write and email your letter of objection to the Council at 

Scolpaig Bay and Machair
Scolpaig Machair
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